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Friday, February 19, 2010

Session on fan cultures/ Digital Youth Project

Just attended a session drawing on research from Digital Youth

Becky Herr-Stephenson (UC, Irvine) spoke on phenomenon of friendship driven media practice around girls interest in Harry Potter/Twilight fandom. Spoke of troubling nature of this media competency -- on the one hand through this fan interest girls develop skills as researchers, creators, in role playing and in the early adoption of technology e.g. twitter, yet narratives are traditional and in becoming fans girls become part of the promotional machine around an industrialized product.

Robert Torres (NYU) and Quest2Learn spoke on features of interest driven groups:
  • socially supportive
  • defined boundaries
  • distributed across a variety of spaces
  • readily accessible tech
  • oppositional to school culture
Lori Takeuchi of Joan Ganz Cooney center at Sesame workshop spoke about Club Penguin

Offered some initial thoughts on what yp get out of Club Penguin
  • social capital
  • mentoring/ expertise from established players
  • becoming a social connector -- encouraging others to join.
A really interesting presentation from researchers on fan-based interest-driven communities

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