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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Just launched Popcorn.js and Butter show potential of html5 video at BAVC pinyc conference

Ben Moskovitz twitter@benrito of the Open Video Alliance used his spot on the dais at The BAVC Producer’s Institute NYC to talk up html5 and its ability to make video more interactive. He focused on the Mozilla Popcorn.js project, which allows a mash up of video and open API technology, which essentially connects content from around the web with the content inside the video. The Popcorn JavaScript can show and connect multiple elements from websites such as Wikipedia, Twitter, and Flickr. He showed Johnathan McIntosh/Rebellious Pixels’ Donald Duck/Glenn Beck mash up, built in html5 using popcorn.js as an example of the media rich experience that html5 can provide He also gave advance notice of a new tool being developed --a point and click authoring tool to make it easier for filmmakers to make popcorn videos called ‘Butter’. In fact an 0.2 version of popcorn and butter launched today
At the close of his presentation Moskovitz also gave a heads-up that the Open Video Alliance would be offering a camp showing how to use butter in the near future: register for details at

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