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Friday, January 14, 2011

Web Seer data mapping at BAVC Producers' Institute Public Conference Day

Eric Doversberger of Google provided the first of the quick fire talks at The BAVC Producers Institute Public Conference day in NYC. His subject: data mining and mapping. One of the projects Eric showcased was the seer project. This originally started life as ‘Flowing Media’ a project by MIT/Berkeley PhDs Viegas/Wattenberg – one of many projects enabled by release of Google data visualization API. Seer enables you to input questions and see what the global google community is asking at a moment in time. Eric cracked everyone up by showing data on relationships based on whether the questioner is male or female. For men asking the question: “Is my girlfriend”….the most common question end was “cheating on me quiz” for women the same question starter ‘is my boyfriend’ prompted “gay’ and “cheating on me’ – an aggregation of the two answers being “is my boyfriend/girlfriend cheating on me quiz. You can try this:
Wendy Levy, who has been using Eric’s expertise at the Bay area Producers’ Institute ended Eric’s session with the news that she/Eric have been working on an impact measurement tool at BAVC and will likely release it to the media arts community for others to use as an impact dashboard sometime in 2011.

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